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Call for entries

Until August 30, 2021

The Cámara Corporizada International Festival announces the opening of its national and international call for feature films, medium-length films and short films of hybrid audiovisual expressions such as video dance, choreocinema, experimental, video art, visual essay, video clip, visual poetry, documentary, fiction and animation, about folkloric, popular and roots dances, from any part of the world that present a contemporary approach. The reception of works until August 30, 2021.

The Cámara Corporizada International Festival is an artistic encounter that navigates the waters of popular, folkloric, roots and traditional dances, in their confluence with new narrative trends and audiovisual and performative representation.



We think of dance and movement as an expression of cultural horizons and worldviews embodied in the body. In the corporeality lives dance, breaths dance, cosmogonies dance. The Universe dances and with it we dance, in a camera. That magical and ritual act of the corporeal expression of popular culture, that spirit that moves the culture of the peoples, is projected on a screen.

The vastness of the folkloric, popular and autochthonous universe contains in itself the experience of the unique and the whole. Each being that dwells in the world, perceives itself as a member of a space and a culture. The experience is its own and non-transferable, but it is also nurtured and shared in the territorial and symbolic belonging. For this reason, from Cámara Corporizada we appeal to dive into the deep sea of the collective and popular, from a personal, unique imprint, without aesthetic or narrative limits. We believe in an artistic and experimental syncretism, based on innovative and contemporary proposals from and about popular culture.


Through a diversity of genres and formats, Cámara Corporizada will recognize the different cultures of each territory, with their own identities, corporealities and spiritualities, taking into account the relationship between dance, body and camera, facing all manifestations that are framed as folkloric, popular and root dances of the world (such as popular dances, traditional dances, indigenous dances, dances with african roots, folkloric dances, gypsy dances, sacred dances, ritual dances, etc.). We want to promote the diversity of voices, expressions and representations, through broad, creative, disruptive, personal and collective views.

The Festival is an initiative of the Plataforma Cámara Corporizada, a space for research, investigation, training and experimentation that brings visibility to different expressions of the world of folkloric dance and its intersection with the contemporary look through the audiovisual format. It is carried out with the support of the Cultural Patronage program of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

How to take part?

- Login to FilmFreeway

- Read the bases and conditions

- Register and fill out the registration form

- Remember to place in the file the link to view the material

- Ready. We will notify you through the platform

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